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  • Matricide, Movies and Salinger
    Dear Rich: I have written a play and movie script around a public matricide. I gained access to years of diaries, photos, and scrapbooks through a university's special collections library. The entire collection was placed on the curb for the trash collector in 1973 or 1974 but was then rescued and given to the library. I […]
  • Kick It! Marital Arts, Choreography, and Copyright
    Dear Rich: I am writing a martial arts mobile phone app. The app includes text describing the martial arts movements and choreography illustrating the moves. The martial arts forms have been relatively unchanged since the 1970’s. From what I can tell, the movements have been treated like they are in the public domain, without copyright or […]
  • Does Copyright Notice Protect a Website?
    Dear Rich: 168极速赛车正规官方开奖平台网站 168官网直播最新结果 全国开奖结果+开奖记录查询. 极速168赛车开奖结果体彩app 大数据分析软件 168开奖官网计划. Does putting "Copyright 2024" at the bottom of website pages protect the site from visitors who download an image or narrative content?Placing a copyright notice on your website is like sticking a "Keep off the grass" sign on your front lawn. People who respect your property rights will stay off, and those who […]
  • Converting Chinaware Designs to Needlepoint Patterns: Problems Getting Permission
    Dear Rich: I am adapting needlework-like designs used in pottery/chinaware by creating patterns for needleworkers. Much of the chinaware was produced in the 1800's but some as late as the 1960s. I have sought and received permission where possible, but not in all cases because the companies no longer exist. What are the laws covering […]
  • Use Frida's Paintings? (Yes!) Use Frida's Name? (Maybe)
    Frida Kahlo age 12 (1919)Dear Rich: I'm filming a romantic comedy in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and refer to the artist Frida Kahlo in two scenes and show a photo of one of her paintings (self-portrait) hanging on the wall. Do I need permission to use her name and photo of her self-portrait? You don't […]

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